7 Important Things About Costa Rica

7 Important Things About Costa Rica

costarica-spirits.com — Whether it’s beaches, forests, hiking, or adventure sports that you like, Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists. There you will find what you want, this tiny Central American country perfectly formed.

You can do ziplining in Monteverde, enjoy the views of white sand and green rainforest in Corcovardo National Park, Costa Rica has entertainment and attractions for all kinds of adventures. Metro.co.uk provides seven essential checklists you should know about Costa Rica;

1. Pura vida is not just a slogan, it is the answer to everything

Costa Rica’s famous slogan translates literally as ‘pure life’, it is truly a multi-purpose phrase. The people there will welcome you in a warm and sincere atmosphere.

2. It is the safest country in Central America

Costa Rica has been democratically independent since the late 1940s, since the end of the civil war, the country also regularly tops the Global Peace Index for Central America, and is in the top three positions for Latin America as a whole. This country is a good choice for first-time tourists wanting to dip their feet in the water.

3. The country is also one of the most expensive tourist destinations

The standard of living here is very high, is equipped with excellent infrastructure, and the easy life for tourists makes it clear that those of you who want to visit this country have to save money in advance.

4. The people of Costa Rica are very happy

According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rican citizens are among the happiest citizens in the world. In 2016 they took first place on the list.

5. The country has some of the highest biodiversity in the world

Costa Rica has 5% of the world’s biodiversity. That may not sound impressive, but when you think that this tiny country covers only 0.03% of the world’s surface, it is actually quite something.

6. More than a quarter of the country’s land is protected land

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that Costa Rica’s main tourist attraction is wildlife, they have many national parks and sanctuaries. In fact, about 25% of the country’s land falls into that category, more than any other country.

7. Want to be a country that is energy efficient and pollution free

You will probably remember that social media went crazy in November 2017, when Costa Rica announced that almost all of their energy sources were made with the latest technology. Costa Rica also aims to become carbon neutral by 2021.